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Adriana Zapisek

Argentine painter, born in Buenos Aires, city in which she works and resides.

She studied drawing and painting during 5 years with renowned master Eduardo Mac Entyre. She also took Art History courses during 4 years with Cristina Dompé, and she was attending Philosophy and Esthetics classes with Fermín Fevre.

Over the past 20 years she has exhibited her works in different cities throughout the world.

Since 1991 she has shown her paintings in European Art Galleries in: London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Rome, Warsaw, Zurich, Sofia, Seville, Bucharest, Marbella.

She has also been invited to exhibit her works in Pekin, Singapore, Jakarta, Coral Gables, Art Miami, Expo Seville and Marbella.

Collectively, she has participated in over 100 art fairs in London, Glasgow, Wales, Zurich, Brussels, Marbella, Seville, Rome, Bucharest, Sofia, Warsaw, Pekin, Singapore, Jakarta, Miami, Atlanta, Palm Beach Punta del Este, Buenos Aires.

She was also invited on numerous occasions to lecture on Contemporary Argentine Art at: “C.E.S.L.A.” Warsaw University, Poland; Sofia Art Academy, Bulgaria; Art Academy of Jakarta, Indonesia and the American Women’s Club of Buenos Aires.

She utilizes aerographs, brushes, acrylics and mixed techniques.

Diseño y programación: Clic Multimedia